Friday, November 29, 2002

Isn't it Sunday?

Just saw one of the dynamic duo driving round the apartment and wondered...why are they working on a Sunday. But then I's only Friday. I have another two days of lounging around.....mmmmmmm!!! I so need it. Am totally out of everything. Brain is on another planet and the body is still snoozing somewhere! 4 full days of not a lot....mmmm. Followed by three full days of total crap again and then 6 days of partying!!!! Woooohoooo Vegas, here I come! LOL

I had a phone call from Australia last night. Or this morning depending how u look at it. About 13 hours ahead of us. Surprised. Pleasantly. That's all I shall say....for now....!

So, the plan for the day.....mmmm.....a bath I think. That should keep me going til about lunchtime. Then Larry said he might stop by. Hmmm....we shall see. He's being mean to me. Might have to be mean back. :-) Wot else? Oh a little tip to Home Depot I think....see if I can get some brackets to sort out the bed...should work at least til I get round to buying a new one.....! the studio for some dancing. Yeah. That sounds like a fantastically boring day....just what I need and want!!!! Oh, maybe I'll slink off and watch Bond......yeah, I think I'll dump Larry for Pierce!!!!! LOL


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