Friday, November 22, 2002

It's Written in the Stars

"You were on again, and now you're off again. Sometimes the chemistry is fun, but it's so unstable. Would you trade this occasional relationship for something else? Maybe. Figure out what you really want."

This morning's horoscope. I'd love to write these....but I think I'd have to be a bit more blunt! "Get a grip will you? You have no idea what you want so how the hell can you work out whether you're happy or not. Come back when you've got your life sorted out"

But it's so damn true. Spent hours talking to Rob last night...who's back with the "I miss you" line, "come to Jamaica with me". Unstable? Oh yeah. Totally. Don't know if I'm coming or going. Have decided to give men up for a bit......hmmm.....lets see if I can make it past the lunch....!


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