Sunday, December 01, 2002

Goat Woman

I love reading these things...just cos it's a great way of blaming my bad behaviour on something other than me!!! Emotional? But of couse,'s in the stars. And so on. So here's my latest find....courtesy of

Natives of the Goat sign doubtlessly rank among the most attractive and feminine women in the world. They may be more or less beautiful, but the beauty of many of them is unparalleled. All of them are superlatively enticing, a joy to behold. Even the humblest ones are graced with some distinction and elegance. There is always something misty, dreamy about the typical Goat female. Her gestures are hesitant, uncompleted, as if she were afraid a decisive movement would brutally dissipate her halo and crudely project her into the world of reality. She also likes to leave her sentences — and almost everything she does — unfinished, thereby providing plenty of room for guessing and imagination. Much of her particular brand of charm unquestionably resides in her indecision and imprecision.

When drawing up any native's psychological portrait, astrologers usually make a distinction between his (or her) faults and virtues. Such a method proves awkward when it comes to the Goat woman, for the various features of her personality tend to overlap one another and it is impossible to draw a clear line between her strengths and weaknesses; moreover, she is so changing, so self-contradictory that some of her good points may suddenly become bad ones, and vice versa.

The Goat female is certainly the most romantic, the most loving of all women. To her, love is the essence of life, and there is nothing more natural than to love: It would be impossible for her to exist or survive without love. One would waste one's time and effort in talking to her about feminist claims in general and Women's Liberation Movement in particular, for she finds all this utterly senseless. There is only one claim she wants to make — that she be allowed to love to her heart's content, without any hindrance whatsoever.

Since she only lives for love, she could in no way do without men for any length of time. Because of this some people are inclined to view her as an oversexed and nymphomaniacal creature. Actually, these epithets are quite unjust: Her sexuality serves primarily as a means of expression of her soul, and her eroticism verges more on mysticism than on carnality. Nevertheless, her particular conception of, and attitude toward, love does not in the least harm her extreme sensuousness and desirability as a wonderfully voluptuous bed partner.

Now, is that me or wot??? Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....see, it's all in the stars....I can not possibly be held responsible for my irresponsible behaviour! More men, more men!!! LOL


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