Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Home Sweet Home

From sunny Vegas to snowy Buffalo. Wot can I say....sunshine wins every time! And I got to spend time with my "baby" sister and her husband. Nothing seems to change but they did confess that they wouldn't mind moving over to the USA. Hmm...wonder wot the parents would have to say about THAT! LOL Not My Problem!

So...wot did we do? Not really sure. Checked out the hotels. Went to the movies. Lost a load of money. Ate out. Walked and walked and walked and.....TG I'm going to the chiropractor tomorrow!!!!! Found a very cute man...on the flight out...he was married. DAMN! Hate that. Hmmmmm. Did come back to some messages from potentially cute men.....oh well, silver lining to every cloud I guess. Oooops....gotta go rescue the kettle, I can hear the whistling....


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