Sunday, January 05, 2003


Or rather I'm back...dancing! Mmmm. Just got back from the first West Coast dance of the year. I love it. Love it. Love it. Love it! I persuaded someone to come with keep me company cos I was sort of scared of going. Sounds silly but I've not been to a dance for a while (cos of the back) and sometimes people can be funny. There are never enough men and I was going through the "what if noone remembers me and wants to dance with me" crisis. Totally stupid and insecure. It was fine. Lots of people came up to say they'd missed me (yeah right, like they couldn't have picked up the phone or something?!). And I got lots of dances. Probably too many cos I can feel the back muscles tightening...gotta go lay on the floor and stretch before I go to bed. Must remember to do that!

Downside...Rose and Colleen were there. Not sure Rose danced at all. She came up to us and made a comment about "it's mainly swing". Er yes. It's a SWING DANCE. Doh!!! Colleen I totally can't stand but she was good for some gossip. Apparently Miho screwed up her routine in Atlantic City...don't know how, don't really care. Not a huge surprise. I did a cha cha with him once and he started on the wrong beat. Sacrilege! But, and this is the interesting bit, she's now going to Freds. SHIT. Gonna have to have a word with Chris about this. I went there to escape people like her...and what happens? They follow me!!! Saw Renee and Jim in there on Christmas Eve...which is OK but irritating. If she's going there as well.....only good thing is that Chris isn't Bill and I don't see him standing for any nonsense from any of them. She also said she's going to the showcase. Oh dear. Now Sharon doesn't want to perform at all.....after months of me talking her into it. Background on Colleen....she has lots of money, think it's from a dead husband or something. She bought $000s worth of lessons from Arthur Murrays and was taking loads of lessons each week. She's one of these people that thinks they can buy friends...she was always taking presents in for Bill and Miho. She's over opinionated, insists on talking to me when I really don't want to talk to her and, although she claims to be totally self-sufficient, she is totally useless at anything that involves any organisation whatsoever!!!!

More gossip. I then heard Dave talking to Sharon about Arthur Murrays...apparently Miho has left (so they have no male instructors other than Bill who owns the place), is moving/has moved to California and is getting divorced!!!! Wow. I wonder if this is the end of that studio? Very interesting...maybe I'll have to pop in there and take a look for myself....after all I do still have a few lessons left with them (not that I've paid for them....ha ha!).

Even more gossip! This is funny. Robin went out with Kim for a little bit. Kim used to go to AMs. Tall, lanky, opinionated, used to complain about the people he danced with although he's not THAT good himself. Not that attractive really. Then he went to the Spotlight studio and started going out with Karen who owns it. Few weeks ago he called Robin. She was out. Didn't return the call...good girl! He called back. Wanted to take her to some work party or something. What about Karen? Oh we're not going out any more? Oh? Since when? Oh, well I've not really told her that yet. Oh, right!!! Well, when you do, perhaps then you could call me? So walked Kim...with Karen....together. Very much so. They'd been practising something for the last couple of hours. Hmmmmm...methinks someone is a being a total shit and needs to get his act together......

So....although the dancing was fantastic (considering I've been "out" for so long, I did pretty good...including an amazing Rhumba at the end...if I say so myself!), the gossip was incredible. And I got to ogle a few very attractive men in the bar downstairs!!!!!! All in all....a very happy night :-)


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