Sunday, March 30, 2003


Headache and stomach turned into cold. This'll teach me. I jinxed myself the other day by saying this was the first year since I was 18 that I'd not had bronchitis or lost my voice. LOL I think it's pretty much gone now. It's reached the runny nose stage so I'll probably be fine time for work again. BOOOOOOO

Saw Renee and Colleen for the first time since the Showcase on Friday. The FAst Spring Dance. Take flowers and wear summery clothes. Even the weather was nice...although the air conditioning decided to die. It was OK. Well, really it was going very nicely until Renee stole my hustle! Even Chris admitted it. Tried to cheer me up by telling me how many other dances I'd had with him....actually I have to say it was more than normal...think it was pretty much everything except Hustle (oh and Bolero cos he never plays that at parties). That's not the point. I had three other hustles..which were crap. That's terrible of me. Michael, trainee instructor, danced a lot with me. And he's cute, young (which is a major plus at the moment!) and can sort of dance. Trouble is he does four count and I don't. It's too slowwwww......! But he was very lovely so I suppose I shouldn't complain. And then Jim danced with me when his wife stole my dance. So I didn't do too badly. But it still irritated the hell out of me. Hmmmmmm.....ssss...!!!

Other than that....pretty quiet week wot with the headache and all. Chris wants to dance in the Scholarship Division at next competition. Eeeek....says he's never danced in that with any student before. Probably cos you're not that stupid. He laughed. Guess it's quite flattering but not sure. Decided I don't mind performing, like Showcases and stuff, cos I like to be the center of attention. Actually on that point, I watched the Showcase video earlier. Cool. Looked good!!! But competing? I really don't think I'm competitive enough. Or rich enough.....should start saving....although I have a mortgage payment to sort out first......

Freezing cold now. Feel the need for some hot soup. Mmmmmmmm....and then an early night I think.......TTFN


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