Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Should be at yoga. God knows I need it. But this damn headache refuses to leave me!!! It starts about ear level round towards the back of my head and then wanders round behind my eyes which are alternating between burning and freezing...pretty much like my body temperature really!. And it's not helped by sitting in an office with a load of sick men.....by sick, this time, I mean unwell (although the other meaning is pretty accurate!). Didn't go to dance lesson yesterday. Came home and crashed in front of the war followed by slinking off to bed at an early hour. Slept for about 8 hours which is fantastic for me. Didn't help though....woke up...head hurts.....took pills....but they seem to do nowt!

Oh, and I have to remember to use "brit" words again....it's been a long time since I've heard, or used "smashing" and "dodgy" but I feel the urge once more. Especially given how dodgy I'm feeling at the moment!!!!!!



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