Sunday, March 23, 2003

Sick to my stomach

Literally. My ulcer's playing up with a vengeance. Since I got up this morning I've felt sick. Can feel the crap bubbling round inside. Was actually sick this morning. Cleaning my teeth. But that's not really anything new. Usually that's it for the day. Not today. Nice. I know it's all stress-related. Pretty shit week really. OK. Not strictly true. It's been shit since about Wednesday. Though I did have a visitor Friday night. Happy girl! Although I need to keep fingers for him over the next few days...licensing exams. Anyway a moment, or two, of distraction from reality......

The war on TV 24 hours a day hasn't helped. Had a good cry when the bombs started falling. Been worried about Big Ears (as we affectionately call the bro-in-law). He got sent out to Kuwait a few weeks ago....after weeks of delaying. Last I heard, and my parents hadn't any later news when I spoke with them earlier, is that he'd been stuck in a sandstorm and his troop had got split up so he's now with one of the US divisions. I learned today that they're in a chemical weapons clear-up division.....when the weapons go off he'll go in there and clear it up. I think that's probably means he's not on the very front line but there again, chemical weapons....errrr....that's not really too pleasant. And though it sounds horrible every time they mention casualties and they're US I do breathe a little sigh of relief. But then things are only just getting started. Just gotta keep my fingers crossed a while...hopefully not too long cos I'm running out of fingers!

Also been getting annoyed with Rob who is so gung-ho about the war. Tell me this, cos I can't work it out. Yes, Saddam has to go. Yes, he's carried out countless atrocities on this own people and on neighbouring countries. But why does Bush feel the only way to get Saddam is to get in there and blow the country to bits? What the hell's wrong with a bit of undercover assassination work? I mean...picture this, he makes noise all over the press about the fact he's gonna attack. Doesn't that just give the enemy the heads-up that perhaps he ought to prepare to fight back???? What happened to the good old "pay the Mossad to go in there and do the job"? At least that way you have the element of surprise on your side and, I imagine although I'm not quite sure of the going rate nowadays for dictator shootings, a much smaller bill! He going to ask for another $80bn or something ridiculous tomorrow. Yeah, right. Have you seen the economy recently!!!! Anyway, overall very annoyed about the war. All this "suprise" today when some of the "regime" fight back. No, really? What did you expect! This is war.

Maybe I'm being too simplistic about this but we've heard all over the press that the 3rd ID (hope that's the right one) has rations/supplies to last them 5 days. They entered, when was it. Not sure, lost track of time. Pretty much smooth sailing as they head North (to a location undisclosed....errr...this is Iraq, where could they be going....hmmm, let me think on that for a moment!). Now, if I was the opposition sure I'd let them get well into the country. They've had little sleep and they'll be getting low on rations. Let them think they're doing well. No need to attack just yet. Then, as they're getting all excited about it...cut off their supply chain. Doesn't that make sense? They're tired. Get them hungry and them start hitting them. Oh yeah and maybe don't wander round in uniforms cos that makes you a target for their fire. I it that difficult to work out? They need more women running things, that's all I can say!!!!!

Well, actually it's not! What about the stupid coverage on Fox News. Talk about two-faced. Been flicking between Fox and BBC America. What a difference a station makes. And it's not just the Brit in me! I quite like unbiased coverage instead of this jingoistic crap that's been pushed at us non-stop. And who is that stupid blonde woman they had on this morning? Can she ask any more idiotic questions???????? One complaint about the BBC....why the hell did you have to interrupt Eastenders???? You started 20 minutes late and cut off the last 30 minutes. Just to show us the same stuff you'd shown earlier. I quite liked the escapism and you ruined it for me. Now I have to wait a whole week to find out if Robbie really will make it to India or not!

And there have been the more mundane things slightly closer to home. Like $800 for a new hot water heater for the place in London. Shit! Really didn't need that right now. Or the leak in the kitchen this morning. Why is the floor all wet? Hmmm......oh, I see why. Cos the damn u-bend thing appears to be loose.....! So I shoved it back on. Mopped up the floor. Put a towel down and tried to dry the cupboard. Seems to be ok now but I should get them to come and look at it tomorrow.

Got a headache as well. That's been coming on for the last couple of hours. Just wanna curl up in bed and wake up in the next life. Gotta be better than this.


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