Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Blew off work today. Felt shit. Actually, came home about 2pm yesterday...in the middle of the snow. Errr...hello....March 31, no more snow PLEASE!!! Slept. Ate. Took drugs. Slept more. Honey and lemon drink. Slept. Watched TV. Slept. Hot bath....mmmmmm. Slept. Got up. Yuk. Went back to bed. Forgot to phone in so JB called me. Supposedly cos the roads were slippery and he wanted to check I'd not had an accident. Really it was to tell me off for not calling in. My head is spinning at a different speed to that of the 3rd Rock so I don't care. Going back to sleep now. Thaaaaaanks. Feel a bit better now. Think the temperature's dropped but, following a walk around Wegmans I'm not totally sure. Kettle's on and I'm preparing for more tv and sleep. Now who says I don't know how to live!!!!!


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