Wednesday, May 28, 2003


I really can't be bothered to write anything so bear with me.

After the weird dream about JB, I got an email from him wanting to know if I'd do some freelance stuff for them. So I did. Just invoiced him so let's see if it actually gets paid....daddy writes the checks! Told someone about it and his response was "I'd make him pay alright! Maybe you can just trade him work time for free, tell him to take your earnings and go out and buy a set of balls! Then you could get your job back and he'd start acting like a man!" Made me laugh. Lots. But then same person told me today he's gonna be away all next month so thanks for that!

BK just bought me lunch. Had to laugh. MB, the old man, has dumped all my stuff on him. Told him to deal with it. So he wants to know how to get money out of one fof the vendors. Oh, I used to do a whole plan and tell them what the results were from last quarter. Where will I find that? Damned if I know...or if I'm gonna tell you. Oh and BTW, next ad's due next week.....oh and have you sorted out those postcards yet and the mailing list. No....ha ha ha. He's got no clue. And JB doesn't know either. BK said JB should pay me to go back in there and tell him where everything is and what needs doing. Yeah, if he had any sense he would. But he doesn't so he'll just have to deal with the mess when the proverbial hits. Til then I'm not gonna volunteer anything. If he can't remember he committed $50k to an advertising campaign do you really think I'll remind him?

But on a brighter note, dance lesson Friday. Not been for ages and I've got a freebie...yayyyyyyyyy...!!! :-)


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