Wednesday, May 07, 2003

While the cat's away....

The father, owner of the company, has never really liked me. I think it's something to do with the fact that I speak my mind and am not the puppet that lots of the other people HE hired are. The president of the company, his son, hired me and loves me. He told me that once his father was out the way (financially rather than anything to do with hired assasins) there were four of us that he wanted to being one. Unfortunately he's not in the office all the time. A lot of the times he's been out I've had approaches from the father to quiz me on why I'm there. Last time it was so bad - he demanded a report on everything I was doing - that his son told me he was getting a mediator in to sort things out and he wanted to finalise the buy-out very quickly so I, and others, wouldn't have to put up with shit like this.

It wasn't quite soon enough. His father got his own way and fired me while the son was out. He's out all week...apparently totally in disagreement with this and, I later learned, is off being depressed and sulking. Sweet, huh? The reason given was cost-cutting and my job was no longer required. That's total crap and he knows it. There was only one person in Marketing - me. Now there's noone. If he looked at the expenses for the first quarter he'd see that the only line item that was positive, ie where we made more than we spent Why? Cos I'm damn good at screwing vendors out of funds. Admittedly the guy at Microsoft quite likes me but, hey, if it works, why should I care?! Everything I did made a profit. I even sent them spreadsheets showing how we made a profit on our customer event (!), covered our tradeshow costs and all our other marketing costs for the first quarter. Not bad really, if I say so myself.

There is no way that his son would have let him do that if he'd been around. But he wasn't so not a lot I could do....other than send them an email asking for lots of dosh cos they terminated me before the end of my work authorisation (there are times that I love the INS!). I am tempted to sign him up for loads of gay email porn and hate mail...still might actually......

So here we are again. Typically, with my totally bad timing, my passport reappeared....complete with nice new shiny work visa.....HA HA HA


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