Saturday, June 21, 2003

Changed My Mind!

Wasn't gonna post but got all excited. Rummaging through the ol' CD collection and I found a few duplicate Queen CDs. Was, well still am really, a huge fan, saw them loads of times at Wembley and bought loads of albums (some of which the bastard ran off with...sss). Found two copies of Sheer Heart Attack so thought I'd get rid of one of them. Well, I'm searching through all the Internet sites to find the damn album to work out what I could get for it..and guess wot...I have the original 1974 version and NOONE stocks that...there was a 1991 version (extra track) and that's all that seems to be about. So, wot a clever girl am I, not one but TWO copies of a rare CD....mmmmmm. :-) Oh yeah and I found a copy of Ocean Colour Scene B-Sides, etc. Seems to also be worth quite a bit and I don't think I've ever listened to it. No idea where that came from. LOL. So not a bad day's work considering these were just meant to be my everyday crummy CDs and not the ones I KNOW are worth something......might have to look through them a little more carefully.....


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