Thursday, July 10, 2003

All over the place!

Was totally freaked out last night. Check normally arrives Wednesday...every single week it's been there without fail...until yesterday. Eeeeek. Oh no, they've stopped money...booohooo. Called and they said it was mailed on Monday but last time they stopped my money the system told me it had been mailed anyway...think someone swiped it on the way out! Relief this morning when it appeared. TG for that! Though I spent most of the morning being sick...ulcer playing up. See what happens when I get stressed out about silly little things????

And now, as I sit here, I'm watching the sky get greyer and greyer. It better not rain today....first time in ages, I've not wanted rain and it looks highly likely. Damn. Doug Yeomans is playing down the road a bit later and I was gonna go. Hmmm...we shall see....don't wanna mess the hair. That would be funny apart from the fact it needs washing...maybe I should take my Paul Mitchell with me???? LOL

Oh...and look, Regis are doing 2 for $22 again. Must be time to get my hair cut...and isn't he cute....mmmmmm.... ;-)


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