Friday, July 11, 2003

Must Have Been Asleep

Don't know how I missed this one but was watching the news last night and there was a story on there about a tanker, the Tricolor, that sunk in the English Channel. Not an oil, a boat laden with 3,000 (I think that's what they said) luxury cars. Too funny!!!! Although it's now a hazard to shipping so guess that's a bit of a nuisance....3 ships have apparently collided with it....pretty big thing, wouldn't have thought it was that hard to miss??? They're now starting the salvage operation, which looks quite cool. They have a giant cheese slicer machine - basically a really strong wire attached to two platforms each side of the tanker. They'll use the wire to slice the tanker up into sections and then lift up each one so it can be carted off for scrap. Wasn't clear if the cars inside will be scrapped but I guess, with all that sea water in them, they're probably not good for much else.

And this morning, I found this, courtesy of "If you lived here you would be home by now" (I take it that's the reference to those billboards they have at the side of the railway tracks to encourage commuters to live in totally undesirable areas of's a toss-up between living there or dealing with the Tube/British Rail...hmmm, tough one!). Anyway, back to the plot, read the story at the bottom. Was killing myself!!!!!!!!


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