Monday, July 21, 2003


My mortgage was at a fixed rate, which has just expired. It was a great rate at the time I took it out but we all know what's happened to interest rates in the last year or so. Been meaning to call the bank and see about fixing it for another few years at a lower rate but kept forgetting. Payment's due tomorrow so I, at last, dug out my papers and called them. That was an adventure in itself. The number on my last mortgage statement has an 0845 number, which you can't dial from outside the UK. Never mind, there's a number on the web-site, I'll try that. That number is unobtainable. I called the Account Management team - totally the wrong people but at least I got through to a human. Is the number listed XXXXXXXX. No. Oh. Well I'll put you through to someone. Ended up talking to this girl that sounded as if she was about 12 but she was very helpful....although they still have listed the address from two years ago, despite me writing to them numerous times asking for them to update their records! Upshot of all this is that I can get a fabulous rate, fixed for just over two years, that will save me about $170 each month. Woooohoooo. And that's without increasing the borrowing. Yayyyyy. Even better, they apply the new rate immediately, before the paperwork is signed....hmmm, wonder if that means they take the new payment tomorrow? That would be SO nice...but probably a bit late in the day for that, should have called last week! Even if they don't change it til next month it means the rent I get will more than cover the repayments (been a bit under recently) and that would be such a relief. Now all I have to do is be a good girl for a few months and then they might let me take out a bit more so much equity in the place I think I should use some of it....


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