Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Still waiting....

A word of advice. If you ever get in a car accident, try and make sure the other party is from the same state....it's gotta be easier!

Ohio State Farm (yesterday)
We've sent an authorisation over to Enterprise for you. You need to speak to our office in NY now.....it's easier as they're in-state so they know the state laws and everything.
OK, makes sense.
We'll send the paperwork over and one of the reps there will call you.
When do you think that will be?
Oh, should be sometime today.

Ohio State Farm (today)
Hi, someone was going to call me back and they didn't. And I've spoken to the car rental people and they've not had anything from you.
You need to talk to NY now. I'll transfer you

Talk about passing the buck!!!!!

New York State Farm
Hi, I was told to talk to someone on Team C but I can't work out how to get through your voice automated system to find someone on Team C. Can you help?
Takes my claim number/details and I explain, again, about wanting to get a car rental, etc.
I don't see that any decision's been made about liability and we can't do anything until that's agreed.
But they just told me you're going to pay.
Well they don't seem to have noted it in the file, so either no decision's been made or they're just not noted it down.
So what about getting a car?
We won't authorise that until liability's been decided. It looks like it's on the list for one of our reps to look at.
How long will that take?
I don't really know. I can call Ohio and find out what's happening. And I need to send someone out to look at the car. Where is it?
Give her the details.
Well it could take 2-3 business days to arrange a visit. Is the car driveable?
It might be if someone changed the tire for me...but it's in the bodyshop anyway so I don't have it.
Oh, I'll set up a visit and I'll call you back.
And I see you were injured in the accident.

OK? What do you mean OK? Do you CARE????????? I hurt!!!!!! And unless you agree to pay my taxi bills, I need a car to get to the doctor/chiropractor so I can stop the hurt. Get a move on!!!!!

Minutes later
State Farm here.
OK, liability has been agreed.
See...what did I tell you?
I'm arranging for the authorisation for the rental today. I'll set it up for 8 days. Will that be long enough?
Should be but there again depends how long it takes you to get your act together and approve the repairs.
Someone will visit.
Any idea when?
No idea....


Hi, the insurance company said they sent the authorisation over to you.
I was just looking, don't seem to have it yet, can I call you back?
Of course.

Still waiting.......


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