Sunday, July 20, 2003


I was on my way back from...oh, that doesn't matter...I was on my way home and I was waiting at the lights to turn into my road. There's a stop sign if you come out of the road and turn left. As I was waiting at the lights, I noticed that noone was bothering to stop. So I sat there and counted. Seven cars turned left out of the road. Of those cars only one actually bothered to stop...and that was only because a car was coming down the road. All the others went through merrily totally oblivious to that big red sign. No wonder accidents happen!!!!!

Having been to the chiropractor 3 times in as many days I can happily say...I hurt!!! Suppose I have to go through the pain before things get better but ouch! He's been trying to sort out my neck...lots of massaging, cracking and stretching and I've not got a couple of really sore spots at the top of the neck where the muscles are SO tight. Just touching them is painful. Lower back....sore. Back of left knee feels as if someone stuck a knife in me. And the right knee hurts when I bend it....that's new. And I am sleeping SO much I can't believe it. In bed at least an hour earlier than usual and sleeping straight through til the alarm goes off (quite unheard of for me!). Chiro says that's good as long as it doesn't go on for ever. Suppose I should enjoy that while I can....little Miss Insomnia normally doesn't get a good night's sleep.....

Insurance company approved the car repairs and should have sent the cheque to me yesterday. Still gonna take about 2 weeks to get it all mended. Guy at the bodyshop was very apologetic...even laughed when I told him I've got a rental, which I don't like and I want my baby back.

Got a phone call about an interview. But not for three weeks. That's nice. It's for a company in Lockport that seems to be busily hiring and it sounds interesting. Keeping my fingers crossed as there's not a lot else about.

Other that pretty quiet....which is good. Don't need too much excitement at the moment.


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