Wednesday, July 23, 2003


The yoga class, that is. Been doing a little but wasn't sure if I was up to a full class. Was pretty much OK. Didn't feel too bad doing it but by the time I got home the muscles felt tight. Not really surprising. Anyway, got the chiropractor this morning so he can sort it out for me :-) Had a little chat with the cute guy in the class (we actually have loads of men this time!). He's got an extra vertebrae in his back. Interesting but weird. I wonder where they put the spare? LOL Shouldn't laugh really. He's probably got as much trouble as I have. Brain's really not with it today. Been sitting here wondering what to do today and suddenly it dawns on me I'm meant to be somewhere. Suppose I should go and get ready.....but still so level is about minus 10 at the moment....zzzzzzzz.....

Had a call from the recruiter about another job in Cheese-land. Something with smart cards. Gave me a warm fuzzy feeling that she'd remembered about me AND the job sounds interesting. Location.....? Hmmmmm......oh well, gotta get it first!


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