Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Why I Drive Stick

The guys at Enterprise are adorable. Totally! The insurance company got its act together and sent over the authorisation. So the guy at Enterprise said he'll try and get a driver to me for 2pm (to pick me up and take me over to them). Well....they didn't. Spoke to him a little later (cos I fell asleep) and he said it would be about 5.30 - they just had to go collect a car. Then he calls me to say as he's so sorry for the delay he'll give me a free upgrade to a Ford Windstar. That's a van isn't it? Yes, with power everything. Thought you might like it. I've never driven a van, I'd rather have something a little smaller. (What am I gonna do in a van all on my lonesome, huh??? Maybe I should hire a couple of kids and some dogs to keep me company!) Oh. Hang on. Hmmm. I've got a Pontiac Sunfire just come in. Oooh, that sounds much more me (such a tart). No problem. As we made you wait, we'll deliver it to you. Yayyyy!!! And I have to say, to show I'm feeling a bit better, the guy that came with him....mmmm mmmmmmm

So anyway. Took the car out for some shopping. I can NOT drive automatic. Apart from a twitchy left foot that has nothing to do, I keep reaching for the gear stick. And the reaction is soooooooooo slow.....either you have to tell the car to go about 5 minutes before you want it to or it goes off on its own! Plus, there's no racing away from the lights in this thing! It's enough to send me to sleep. Bring back my baby!!!!!! I've not driven any other car in over two years and now I realise how spoiled I've become. Apart from electronic everything (!), it's nippy, it's responsive, it steers's perfect (although they could use a few design tips on the exterior). And I miss it :-(

Oh, and Mr Pontiac, if you're reading you think it's wise to place an indicator stick so far away from the steering wheel that I actually have to lift my hand away from the wheel to reach it??? And I have long fingers.......which also keep getting the tuning dial rather than the volume knob...c'mon, if you had any sense, you'd put the tuner the other side so I can't get distracted by it while I'm driving. But I will compliment you on your seats...very comfortable. Overall, I don't think this will be on my car wishlist...unless I can have a fully automated, power everything WITH STICK!!!! No, even then, it's too common...followed another one just now....and it was a better model...toooo depressing.....

Oh and my little baby's going to be gone for about 2 weeks. Sob.


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