Tuesday, September 30, 2003


So the company that I interviewed with last week offered an interesting idea. They pay on a 1099 basis, which sucks cos any H1-B holder knows that 1099 status is not legal with the visa (why is beyond me but there you go...that's the law). But when I saw them last week there was a comment made about I would actually be an employee (errr...I'm confused). Came home thinking that was another waste of time (especially cos I had to go all the way downtown and then couldn't find anywhere to park....ended up walking for ages)....and spent a couple of hours on the Internet trying to work out if there was a way round that stupid law. Couldn't find one so went shopping instead!!!! Got back (remember my idea that all the good phone calls come when I'm out?) to find a message on my machine telling me that they COULD sponsor my visa. And now they'd like to see me again (tomorrow morning). Cooooooool....although not getting too excited until I understand exactly how they plan to do it. I did read that the fee they have to pay ($1000) stops with effect from tomorrow. Not sure if that means that there is now NO fee or if it goes back to what it used to be ($500)...but either way that's good.


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