Wednesday, October 01, 2003


Well it wasn't quite as good as I'd imagined.....they will pay me but don't want to sponsor the visa. They seem OK with that but I'm not sure about it...although I guess I've been totally up-front with them so it's their risk as much as mine. And, as far as I know (maybe I should check this...not looked into it for a while), the IRS doesn't have a tie-up with the INS and the IRS are "happy" as long as you pay your taxes.....err...which reminds me....ooops.....! So I's not really the "perfect" job for me but it would be a job. Have to get certified first though....Life, Health, Series 6.....shouldn't be too hard.....Chris tells me the first two are a doddle....6 is a mare but not as bad as 7, which is optional.....and I suppose it would keep me out of trouble until something better comes, thinking, thinking.......


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