Thursday, October 30, 2003


I have no idea where the time is going at the moment. All these little projects keeping me busy I guess.....

Chiro this morning....still getting right hip pain and sciatica in left ankle, although mainly in the mornings and disappears after the shower...the heat definitely helps. He says there must be something I'm doing that continues to aggravate it...although what, we don't know. Have to stop doing one thing each day and see what happens. And maybe, in a month, if I'm still like for a CT scan...although I said that the thought of that was enough to make me stop complaining!!!

Not been selling this job board thing actively but, today, got another sale....from a newsgroup I think (looked at the stats and someone seems to have signed up from one of the banners). it when money comes from doing nothing!

Just for the fun of it, went to see the Avon woman the other day. $10 to join up and already I've got nearly $100 in sales.....hmmm.....wondering if this is worth really pursuing? After all, as I just said to someone else, even in a recession people bathe themselves and women get tarted up for their menfolk!!!!

Been talking to someone (the same someone actually) about a web-site venture. Went downtown to talk to someone else about it. Bit of a downer really but, over lunch, came up with a silly idea. Went home to investigate and looks like a possibility....more to follow.......

Fishnets...purchased! Wooohooo. Sexy black ones for the party complete the devil outfit. I'm really not into dressing up but decided if I have to do so, then I'm gonna do it properly. Only problem is working out how to keep those damn horns in my hair......loadsa clips methinks. More on THAT later.....

That's bout it. Another insurance check just arrived for me. Yayyyy! Pumpkin carving later. Yoga now, then shower.


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