Saturday, December 27, 2003

Back on the drugs

Woke up yesterday morning in pain. First thing I did was "run" to the kitchen for a glass of water and painkillers. So tired. Not slept for the last few days cos I can't get off to sleep cos of the pain and then I wake up with knives in my ankle. I am so totally sick of this. Chiro tried to help the other day by giving me about three appointments for the price of one. Did it help? Not really! But he did give me a sample of Biofreeze - one of those gels that heats up and numbs the pain. I liked that. Not so keen on the painkillers. Took some Tuesday night and then spent the whole evening throwing up. Not sure if the two were related but I'd guess they probably were. Spent yesterday floating round again. Did I really used to live on these? They screw me up completely. My head's all woozy and my stomach's sore. Uggggggh. And the lack of sleep isn't helping. Means I wanna crash about 7pm and then of course I don't sleep at night. Bags under my eyes look lovely......feeling very sorry for myself. :-(

This is the first day I've been able to sit at the PC this week. The last few days I've sat down and then, about 5 minutes later, felt the stabbing start. Been in agony. For a couple of days it hurt to sit, lie down and stand up....try getting comfortable when nothing stops the pain. Best position was lying on my back with my knees into my chest.....(no jokes please). Even having a bath was a nightmare...thought the heat would help...probably would have done if I'd been able to relax but no joy there!

Oh yeah...almost forgot! Took the MRI photos into the chiro. He didn't want to commit (cos the photos are so small..better to wait til the radiologist has had a good look at the nice color piccies on screen) but he thinks there's more arthritis and some herniated disk issues. That explains the sciatica...thinks something's aggravating might be moving around into new positions hence the sudden changes in nerve behaviour. Very weird cos I've been pretty much OK for a while so why is it starting up again now?????


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