Tuesday, December 30, 2003


Herniated disc...we knew that.

Disc disintegration on both sides of lumbar spine, which confused the chiro cos he didn't expect to see any on the right side....but then I do so like to be different.

Hardly any sleep Sunday night...ended up on the living room floor...sort of helped...but not a lot.

Absolute minimum of sleep last night. Again on the floor. Managed about 45 minutes then had to take a painkiller. Didn't seem to work so I took another one. Crashed for a few minutes. Heat pad....mmmm. Helped a little. Dozed briefly. More heat pad. Drink. Dozed. Alarm went off. Spent most of the night listening to the sound of snowmelt dripping off the roof followed by the start of the rain. I am exhausted!! The only thing that seems to have any sleep-inducing properties is "The Runaway Bride" (Julia Roberts and Richard Gere). Three times I've started to watch it (it's on TNT at the moment) and three times I've dozed off at the same spot. In fact, last night, I dozed off and when I woke up it was replaying and I was at the same point where I'd fallen asleep on the first showing!!!! If only they could keep playing that all night.....


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