Tuesday, December 16, 2003


I knew this would happen. Out the blue I get invited down to see a marketing agency run by a couple of guys I used to work with...one of whom is an Aussie and interviewed me for my first position over in the US, and then put in a good word for me with the last one. I've never worked directly with him so I thought it might be pretty cool. Anyway, they made me an offer....money not too good, which I was expecting but they're good people and it would give me the chance to work agency-side...something I've never done. So I sort of accepted....well, got pretty close to it.

Then the Big Bad Bank (BBB) called me. The position I was originally talking to them about was ok...but a bit sort of "been there, done that" so I wasn't overly enthusiastic about it. Anyway, he now has approval to hire someone...for a different job that is SO me that my head's been buzzing like a little bee for the last few hours (since he told me about it). In his words this would be a "substantial position" with "good money". Oh yeah, I can only imagine knowing the little he's told me about it. I was veering in the opposite direction given the way the BBB treated me two years ago but now something is pulling me very strongly back towards them. It would be SO cool...but I have to keep reminding myself it's not a definite yet. He did even say that he'd spoken to an HR Exec and they think the visa would be fine. Anyway, he wants me to go back in tomorrow/Friday to meet with him again and his boss.....which is usually a positive sign.....so..........wouldn't it be nice to have two offers to choose from?

And, the company that I first started talking to in June called me yesterday to set up an interview for tomorrow. Less said about them the better I think!!


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