Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Face the Issue

I've seen a couple of commercials for the Face the Issue's a red, white and black cartoon with a Halle Berry voiceover talking about abusive relationships. The commerical itself is pretty striking and also upsetting....can't bear to watch it. Anyway, been meaning to take a look to see what they say...guess it's "that" time of year I did, this morning. The site isn't realy that useful but they have links to some other sites that tackle the subject in more detail. The one that really caught my attention is an Australian site: when love hurts. It's a really simple site, doesn't look like much but once I started reading it I realised that it contains a lot of useful information. It's eight days to my anniversary and 15 to the ex-s birthday (most people know that as Christmas Day).....thought I might be OK this year but seeing the commercial is bringing back my hibernation mentality. :-(


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