Saturday, December 13, 2003

Fred's Christmas Party

No mistletoe..... :-( they forgot :-( But probably didn't matter anyway as cute one wasn't there :-( In Florida. Damn him. So guess the "almost snog" last time was probably the closest I'll get to a real one this year. Boooohoooo. Oh well, guess it gives me something for my "resolutions" for next year....though it sort of messed up my "all I want for Christmas is you" line....just as well....toooooooooo cheeeesy!

Bitch number two was there. Ignored her.

Fooled Chris and danced International Rumba with him. Where did you learn that? Oh, you know...around. Actually, it's pretty simple once you know American Rumba and Mambo...just mix the two together and you...I...can muddle through. Lots of good dancers weren't there tonight...don't know if it was the threat of snow (side note: all yesterday they kept saying "this rain is going to turn to snow overnight"....confused...we didn't have any rain and we sure didn't have snow....) and the cold or just other holiday parties keeping them away. Got a few dances with Chris to make up for last time (for which I did apologise). Does this make sense to anyone? Oh well, who cares, I know what I'm talking about..and that's what counts. :-)

Came home with lots of shrimp and strawberries and veggies. Mmmmmmm.

Oh, "postponed" my EMG thingy. The thought of all those needles was too much plus the radiologist still hasn't sent out my MRI report and there's no way I'm going through hell until I've seen that.


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