Thursday, January 01, 2004

Happy New Year!

So far, 2004 seems pretty uneventful. Guess that's a good thing!

Ended 2003 at a dance. Probably not the best of things to do but the chiro said I should go...possibly cos he knows he'll get more appointments out of me!!!! It was nice. About 30 people there. Party hats and champagne at midnight...and yummy "New Year" cake. Saw a few people I've not seen for a while...including Joe who has stopped dying his hair at long last!!!! All grey and distinguished now. I think he looks much better. I like being out New Year's Eve. Apart from last year (when I was out for a while but had to go home early cos I had flu and felt like shit) I've been out every year since I can't remember. Didn't get any decent snogs (!) but it was nice...good crowd....some of more favourite dancers...i.e. the ones that are pleased to see me and are fairly a few people I've never seen before. Tried not to overdo it...actually moving is OK, it's when I stop that "stuff" happens....although I must have worn myself out cos, for the first night in ages, I slept all through the night and didn't wake up at 4am! Plus got some compliments...including one from a guy that I've seen at lots of places but who never asks me to dance. Came up to me to say how good I looked and then admitted that he was scared to ask me to dance cos I was so good! Sometimes people are so funny. Told him not to be so stupid so he said he would ask in future...we shall see....

Happy New Year....let's hope it's better than 2003....just realised earlier this is a Leap Year....mmmmm......interesting....heee heee (wicked thoughts....explain later).....


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