Monday, January 05, 2004

Revenge is Sweet!

Sitting here enjoying my nice new Altec Lansing surround sound speakers (my Christmas present to myself). Very cool..once I managed to get all of them to play at the same time (first the rear ones played, then the front ones...then I went to the bank, come home to find none of them would play, rebooted and, hey presto, perfection)!!!! I feel so sorry for the guy downstairs....NOT. Well maybe this will teach him to keep his family quiet when they come to visit. Totally sick of having to turn the tv/radio up to cover the sounds of their voices!!!

Damn Insurance

I went for my IME on December 19th. I got a copy of the report today. Most of it's medical jargon apart from one paragraph that reads:

"Examination reveals a pleasant 22 year old right handed male, reported height 6'0 inches and reported weight of 210lbs."

Errrr....hello...I think not. I'll accept pleasant and right-handed. Might want to be 22 but unfortunately the sands of time say otherwise. And last time I checked I definitely am not male. I'd also like to be 6'0" but I'm not. Nor do I weigh 210 lbs (no, I don't!).

Called the insurance company to point this out. Funny how they didn't manage to spot it when they reviewed the document. Don't know if that's the only mistake in there but I'm sure not accepting the findings until I get a new copy that refers to a "charming 36-year old right-handed female"!!!!!!

And then I complained that there is no way they can restrict me to "one chiropractic visit for the next 12 weeks" from the date of the exam when they didn't bother to call me until Jan 1st and only sent the report to me today. I'll live with one visit from the date of notification but how can they possible think that retroactive action is acceptable?????? The guy said someone "Michelle" had reviewed the report on his behalf (guess she didn't bother to actually read it!) and authorised the last set of payments. He says he'll pay the extra bills for the couple of weeks in question....sometimes men are so much nicer to deal with than women!

Was good to see mention of "the aforementioned degenerative changes.....slows down the healing process". Not good in the sense it means it'll take me longer to get better, just good cos it means someone else is telling the Insurance Co. that I'm not gonna heal overnight!

Bouncy Hair

Got my hair trimmed again at the weekend and it's gone all bouncy again! Took a little less time than the 2 hour marathon previously....probably cos it was a little less time between visits. Just as well cos I was trying really hard to sit still (took painkillers before going just to make sure I'd survive!).

That's it for now. Back to the music..... :-)


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