Saturday, February 14, 2004

I'm So Excited!!!!!!

I wasn't going to do it but I decided to change my car! Went to the dealer earlier who suggested that it would be cheaper for me to get a new one. So we looked at the figures for a new Subaru RS. Very similar to what I'm paying now but there would be no sunroof (unless I paid to add it) and no alarm (mine came with one, which I didn't pay was the only model they found so I got it "free"). Didn't see the point in changing the car if I was gonna get less then I have now but asked him, for a giggle, to run the figures on a WRX.....and they came out to about $20 more a month. So we took one for a test drive and boy, is it a beautiful drive! 65mph in 3rd gear and I didn't feel a thing. Turbo kicks in at 20mph and, with wide tyres, it hugs the curves like you wouldn't believe. Of course, I totally fell in love with it (even with those 2 extra doors!). The roof is a little higher than my RS so it feels really roomy. The interior is really nice and it's gonna have a 6-CD changer (which I miss in the RS). So they're looking one for me....they have a couple of manual transmissions in stock but, me being me, I asked them to find one with a sunroof.....

One of the salesmen was so excited about me getting it that he gave me a Subaru calendar and told me to check out They run race/training events over at ECC (next one's in April) so I might have to check some of those out. Car has 227 horse power but you can get an extra 7 if you change the air filters (apparently)! Just a shame that all that power is gonna be wasted on the morning commute down the 33......people need to learn to drive!!! And on that note....when will people learn to get in the right lane BEFORE they need to turn off? I was driving down on Thursday with some guy following me. He undertook me and then pulled out into my lane (silly me, leaving a space between myself and the car in front in case I needed to brake!). Then he decided he wanted to be in the left hand lane so over he went. Oh, but there's his turn so back he goes cutting across two lanes and heading for the exit. How he managed to do all that without causing an accident is beyond me. And I'm totally sick of the cars that pull off the 90 and decide that gives them the right to just pull out into the next lane without even slowing down to see if there's anyone there! I used to think driving to work along the 90/290 past the airport was bad enough but this is far worse. There's one section of the road where, for no apparent reason whatsoever, we seem to slow to about 10mph and then, all of sudden, everyone goes back up to 60mph. Why? I have no idea but it's a total waste of energy......ssssss

Anyway, back to happy thoughts about new car.......




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