Sunday, June 13, 2004

Arts Festival

Spent the whole day in the sun....nice...although i have a little pink bit where I must have missed with the sun lotion! We were hanging around the Latin American Institute stall....partly cos he was giving us free beers and partly cos it was kinda of interesting watching the dynamics of two Cubans. One I've met before as he comes to Spanish classes, sometimes the same one as me, sometimes the earlier one. He's been making comments about "hot British chicks" and getting friendly. But not in a pervy way. He's a huge black (am I allowed to say that?) guy but he's really sweet and entertaining so I don't mind. Plus other than the occassional brush past me it's not like he's been groping me or trying anything. Even if he did, there's no chance, he's moving back to NYC in a few weeks and I don't need the hassle.

Then there's another one that appeared for the first time yesterday. Was making these comments that were annoying the hell out of me. Came to a climax when he asked if I was married. No....but that doesn't mean you have a chance. Think he got the message but then he starts quizzing me about what's going on with the other one. Nothing. I've been watching you two. Really? Well, I guess your imagination's running wild then! Probably didn't help when we left together (number one and me) I could give him a lift to his car which was parked miles away. Oh well....more to come today I guess...although I'm not staying all day, gotta buy some shoes!

Other than that, only saw one "beautiful" person who was totally to die for. Unfortunately he was with some girl. Dammit!! Did get a kiss off him though..... :-)

Overall, festival went well. Didn't sell too much but we got Carlos an interview with a local magazine (they took photos) and he signed up a few new students. I think he was pretty pleased...which is really the main thing.

Today's freaky story...woke up with blood all over my face. Freaked me out til I realised I'd scratched the side of my nose (must have been in my sleep). Was washing my face and blood started pouring out again. Mystery solved but still pretty gruesome to see the dried blood on my hand and face when I got to the bathroom this morning.....YUK. My skin seems to be really thin at the moment....scratched my arm last week and have a 2" gash on it now. I take so long to heal as well...there's probably something wrong with me although I've always scarred really easily.....totally sucks.


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