Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Flying South NJ. Off to see the team. Tell them they're not being closed down and that our boss is no more...actually he's going to do that bit. Keep getting emails from one of them asking me what the news is. What news would that be? Luckily she's on a course tomorrow so I might be able to escape the interrogation until the news is officially released on Friday. The rumours have been flying around for weeks so I wish they'd just get on with it and make things public.

But first I'm waiting for a call from Chicago to tell me that I can test a hyperlink on our website. Can you believe this. We must be on the only server that has case-sensitive URLs. Our welcome letters go out with the URL in capitals (part of it anyway)...and it doesn't work unless you type it all in lower-case. Totally sucks. So today they're meant to be releasing a redirect for the upper-case version. To make things worse the release means the whole site needs to come down for a couple of minutes while the techies do their stuff. Big YAWN!


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