Monday, June 21, 2004

On the subject of men...

...since Greybird alluded to the fact that she had a spare few lying around the house (give them my number if there are any cute, non-married ones!)'s an update:

Cuban: moving back to NYC end of next month. Saw him Saturday, he complained that I didn't call him and ask if he wanted to hang out last week. Hmmmmm....probably helps if you give me your number dahling! Don't want to get involved in a such a short-term opportunity but my horoscope is telling me it could lead to "interesting experiences".....I think that's astro-speak for sex!

Far too young but lovely dance instructor: still pining desparately after him. Robin tells me that's a good sign...means there's still potential. Suppose it's a reason to learn Tango....LOL! Too young, too young. :-( I think Chris is starting to get suspicious...sure he was watching us on Friday.

Canadian: driving me mad! Nuff said.

Jerk in a minivan this morning....tatoos down his van on Washington about 8:40am. You're a jerk! If I yell "f*ck off" at you, that means leave me doesn't mean continue to stick your head out the window and leer at me!!!!!

And to the twat in the silver convertible on the 33 this evening.....hey, if I'm in the lane next to you, don't pull out on me.....I had to swerve to avoid you...luckily there was nothing in the outside lane else I'd be suing you for every penny you got. There is something about that road that is beginning to scare me. Not a single day goes by without some idiot trying to cut me up.....I can only think that my car is invisible......?????

Got to interview someone tomorrow afternoon. Apparently he is "easy on the eyes"....I asked about him earlier...can't wait....mmmm mmmmmmmm ;-)


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