Sunday, August 22, 2004

My hero!!!

Woooooooohooooo.......!!!!!! He won, he won!!!!!! Posted by Hello

Nicholas Massu....two times Olypmic gold medal winner. The first two golds for Chile....the first two medal in fact for Chile....ever!!!!! And it doesn't hurt that he's totally cute!!!!

Watched the first couple of sets with Hano and I was screaming at the TV cos the commentators were so biased against him. He's just won the Men's Doubles, for heaven's sake. Let him take a few extra seconds if he wants. When he lost the second set we had to leave cos it was too painful to watch. Came back in, expecting the thing to be over....but no.....there he was just about to win the fourth and the rest, as they say, is history. Hano's jumping round the room on the phone to cute ;-)

I am totally exhausted from it all. I feel like I was out there on court with him. Or maybe it's cos I had no sleep? Whatever. He won, he won!!!!!!


Just a side note to the commentators. You kept saying he'd never make it as he was too tired but I've come to learn that Chileans have so much damn energy....I think Chile is a nation of energizer bunnies.....


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