Saturday, August 28, 2004

A Week in the Life.....

Monday: Work, pilates, more work...exchanging emails with the dopey cow from the agency at 11pm. Tired.

Tuesday: Double-booked for conference calls at 7am - one for the website update, the other for global research presentation. Did the latter. Worked from home. Exchanged emails with my friend in Mexico City...called my boss a boludos something. Wouldn't tell me what it meant....found out later...asshole is a good translation! Dance lesson - can't remember what we did! LOL

Wednesday: Argument with my boss. He totally laid into three of us....for nothing in particular. Very upset by it all. Came home with splitting headache. Spoke to Hano who totally cheered me up :-)

Thursday: Overslept by two hours so worked from home. Had to call Jason to rescue my laptop as they were moving us to the other side of the floor and I didn't want to lose it! Most of the department left at lunchtime for a ball game....some of us had to work!!!!! Saw home about 1am.

Friday: TGIF! The end of a very crappy work week. Had to talk to my boss about something and was dreading it given his attitude all week but he was really nice. Dammit. That threw me. Turns out Ted has been offered the replacement job for someone leaving our department. Good for him....although it appears that if he takes that job he'll actually move into another department, leaving me as the sole leader of a commercial team within "e". I shall have to visit NY and sell my soul to the Marketing department now....there won't be any reason for me to remain part of this mess. Went to the Fred's Party. Chris was picking on me for some reason :-( Said it was cos he liked me...hmmm....well, then be NICE to me!!!!!!!

Today: Up, showered, not dressed. Cooked Manzanas Borachas for Carlos' party later. Hano coming round after that...refused to come to Carlos.....esta trabajando mucho, no es bueno.


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