Thursday, September 09, 2004

Neuva York

Ok so there's a hurricane headed up the East Coast. And I'm heading down it. Sound like a sensible thing to do? Not least I didn't get up for the early flight like my boss! He kept making comments about "am I getting the first flight" and I kept telling him no. He wasn't too pleased. But he was even less pleased when he got off the plane and then spent three hours stuck in traffic because the Midtown Tunnel was closed. I, on the other hand, had a few extra hours in bed, a nice flight and an hour journey....putting me about 20 minutes behind him in terms of when I got to the office. Of course I had to rub it in. LOL

What was even more fun was when we got to the hotel (Crowne Plaza on 42nd) and I had an upgraded room....he didn't! Guess I smiled more at reception. Heee heee.....

Went out to dinner with him and his nephew and ate too much...but it was good.....Capital Grille (which I think used to be where Formans was but noone was quite sure....its new anyway).

I'm convinced my boss is jinxed when it came to travel as we were both on the same flight home. The driver (of the car taking us to the airport) got lost, screwed up his window (so we had to have it open for the whole journey even with humidity at about 90%), and then got so peturbed that he drove at about 20mph down the middle of the Van Wyck. My boss was getting really irritated....quite amusing really.

We did get to the airport on time to catch our flight...which turned out to be late due to "weather" in Florida. And then, to top it all off, some woman got onto the plane with a baby that decided to throw up (YUK....smelly) and scream for the whole flight. I would pay more to have child-free flights...why has noone thought of offering those?????


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