Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Cute Guy

Popped into Spanish earlier. It was snowing, which should have been a good reason to come home but actually turned out just to be a good reason to leave work. Then I was restless so I stopped by to see if anyone exciting was around. Missed the really cute (married) one....booo....but there was another to entertain me for a little while.

Cute, married one and I are getting on quite well....probably cos there are three women in our class (from time to time, none of them are very reliable) that are so damn irritating we get to exchange looks (you know the type, eye rolling and in-jokes that go straight over their heads). He's selling (and making) baseball cards for some minor league thing...don't ask me.....I checked out the website and moaned about a few things but that's about as far as my knowledge of the subject goes. Was telling him about our site (which probably has never been mentioned on here before)....hmmm....oh well, another time. We're getting a ton of hits and....sales!!!!! Yayyyyyy. Been discussing the joys of keywords and stuff like that with him....well, really I've been naggin him more than anything. He's on TV but I've yet to see him...probably cos it's some sports thingy I don't watch.

Anyway, he turned up at the weekend and asked if I could keep a secret. Sure. It wasn't very exciting...he'd got Carlos some business cards for Navidad cos he'd been helping with some phone calls to the Dominican Republic. Not a huge secret but irritating woman 1 HAD to know what we were whispering about. We didn't tell her. She drives me mad. She has this really squeaky voice and continuously goes on about how I must have so much money because I take dance lesson at Freds. Then she tells me about how she's taking dance lessons too and blah, blah, blah. I tend to switch off after 30 seconds of her.....

Don't really know where I'm going with this.....oh well, buenas noches.


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