Monday, December 18, 2006


I had such a vivid dream about one of my teeth falling out that I think I need to visit the dentist. I'm not having any teeth problems but it felt like a warning.

Also had a very strange dream last night about being on a plane going back to London and realising I didn't have any quarters for when I got there.

I am blaming this on the nasal spray the doc gave me to try and get my voice back.

I also bought two new fish yesterday...Baby Cal and the nameless one. Cute. Am setting up my large fish tank and I was going to be good and wait til it was all ready but I couldn't resist. So, for now, they're in the small tank...but they're teeny so should be ok for a week or so.

Gotta go...baking and I can smell the cake.....mmmmmm


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