Monday, January 21, 2008

Revenge of the fish

I always forget this. I shouldn't eat fish for dinner. For some reason, every time I do this I end up having weird dreams. Last night I was no exception. Apparently I was shopping with Madonna for eye shadow.

The eye shadow part I can understand as I've been searching for a replacement "big crayon" ever since Avon stopped offering their pencils in my favourite lilac colour. I tried another colour from Avon (eggplant), which I knew would be a lot darker but it looked nearly black so I don't think I can wear that during daylight hours. Then I bought a replacement from Sephora but it was too glittery (not good for work)...although the colour was perfect. My latest attempt is a lilac pencil from Maybelline, which is probably as close to the original as I'll get. So clearly this has been on my mind, although dream worthiness....I'm not so sure about that.

The Madonna connection...I have no clue!


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