Friday, June 21, 2002

AM evening local hotel. Music not bad. Michal did his usual trick and just disappeared in the middle of the evening. Jerry turned up...suprising cos he was meant to be out on a date with Robin. Guess it either didn't go too well or she told him she needed to go to bed early.......hmmm.....have to find out what happened tomorrow. He's an interesting creature. Can't work him out. Threw up, came home. Not in the middle of the dance floor so I didn't disgrace myself. Not been feeling too good...think it's a combination of heat and emotion (relief from all the recent crap)...but, whatever's causing it, it's annoying me. Not been able to eat properly for 3 days now and my insides ache. :-(

Got back and Joe had left a few IM's for me...where are you, call me. What's the matter? Wondered where you were. Are you missing me? Yes, I've not spoken to you for a while....errr...I saw you on Monday, we spoke on Tuesday, today's Thursday and I have sent you some emails. Poor thing. Can't cope without me!!!!!! :-) Going to see him tomorrow anyway....ah well, always nice to be missed. I have decided that this is my new tactic...cos it's been having a very good effect on the couple of occassions I've tried it. I need to go quiet on people for a little while and then they appreciate me so much more......mmmmmmmmmmmmmm................


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