Thursday, June 06, 2002

Good day for outdoor grilling today. Do I have one? No. Well, that solves that problem!!

It had to happen....World Cup virus kicks off

And while we're on that football an omen?

Restless again today! Went to Fred Astaire for my second private lesson. He is so already hooked. Told him I don't want to learn 12 dances (like Bill at AM keeps telling me to do)...but rather I want to focus on some, get them fantastic and then go back and do the others. Also said I don't want to learn lots of patterms - I don't have a partner to practise with so what's the point? Far better to work on technique and learning to follow, i.e., understanding the "feelings" rather than anticipating the pattern. He was so cool with that. Also decided that he wanted to mock my accent. Fine by long as I can mock your country!!!!! Told him about the lock-out yesterday, which amused him completely. After that the lesson had to go well. So well that I signed up for a few lessons. And I've told Robin and Sherri to go in for their introductory set and mention my name...that way, I'll get some freebies, which will make the price better!!! Have to nab Renee when she returns from Brazil (the wedding is approaching). Nearly called Tara to tell her I wouldn't be back but it got too late and I didn't want to risk running into Bill....might pop in tomorrow to catch her when he's not around.....wonder what they'll do...still waiting for Michal to call me about the cancelled lesson (don't hold your breath for that though).

Packed some more boxes today. Almost done. Wow, didn't realise I'd get it through so quickly. I know I don't have much stuff but somehow this seems to have taken a lot less time than usual....though I did take the approach of lining up the boxes and then "throwing" things into the right one....guess I've sussed it at long last? Now just have to round up people to help me move. Bob even volunteered through don't trust him on the reliability front...but we shall see.

And for the first time tonight, I didn't go dancing on a Thursday. My calf muscle still causing me grief...did I mention that? Took a step on Tuesday and nearly collapsed in agony...guess I wasn't as warmed up as I thought. Came home nearly in tears from the pain. Still aching plus they were having a talent show tonight (not dance related and I don't have any other talents that I'm prepared to perform in least not in front of them!). Called Robin and told her to come over for a drink, which she did. Called Joe and asked him, if he wasn't too busy, would he like to come as well? Completely non-commital about it. Hey, not a big deal. If you're not here by midnight forget it.......10pm...guess who turned up....! Wow, I really didn't think he would. Robin decided she had to leave...after a respectable overlap (ha ha). Didn't look too good....migrane pills knocking him out. Showed me his new moves (the vertical kind) so I reciprocated with mine. Have to say that mine were much cooler but then they also cost me a lot more than his!!!! I do wish he would take "proper" lessons. I know he's a pattern person but sometimes his lead only works cos it's verbal....which is one approach but not the best. He could actually be quite good if he focused on leading for a while and forgot about new's not as if he actually remembers them anyway, half the time he has to ask me how he's meant to get out of something he started......actually that's quite a good reflection on his approach to life....heee heeee!

Now worn myself out.....need sleep....gotta be up early tomorrow....i/v!!!! :-)

Sleep well.


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