Tuesday, June 04, 2002

I HATE Adelphia. The WNY area has been without cable access since yesterday and do they care? No, of course they don't. You'll just have to wait til it gets resolved. Honestly...what a crap service. Told them I had to work from home and was completely reliant on them....you shouldn't be using this for work was all they could say. So here I am on dial-up......uggh. Makes me shudder just listening to that horrible whiny sound as the modems talk to each other....I can almost feel the cold sweat beginning to form...I don't have time for this.........no wonder they're going down. Couldn't have happened to a nicer company...well, apart from Verizon...who seem incapable of cancelling services when I ask them to. Did they really think I'd notice when they billed me for stuff I asked them to cancel a month ago???? We'll give you a credit on your next statement. Yeah, right...so in the meantime, they take my money....nice arrangement.

Did have some fun last night. Joe's had this strange thing happening on his PC...everytime he downloads an MP3 file he ends up with a .vbs file as well. Must be a virus, says I. Got any antivirus software? Er, no, should I? Well, yes...how long have you had this PC? About 4 years. I see and did you ever have any anti-virus software on it? No. OK. Let's download some....so we did....on dial-up....aaaaagh...painful!!!!! And then I ran it for him....not bad, he's only got 1200 infected files (over 10% of the stuff he's got on there) and there were 5 different viruses. Nice. He was gutted...looks like his porn is screwed...ha ha ha. And of course his PC crashed just as we started cleaning them all up. Left him to rerun the thing and went home to bed. Couldn't take any more excitement. Did give him strict instructions not to send anything to anyone or download anything 'til he'd cleaned himself up.....like that'll happen. Oh well..I'm sure I'll hear more on the saga later......


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