Wednesday, June 19, 2002

I see that I'm getting grief now I've got my blog "working". All I can say is that I'm sitting here waiting to drink, so where are you greybird??????

So, got a job but still have the INS to deal with....and they are such lovely people. Got my lawyer working on sorting out my work visa. And already there's a problem. First stage in the have to get certification from the Department of Labor to show that a foreign worker is not replacing US workers (OK, so you'll all cheer, I have my own thoughts on that subject) and also that they are not being bought in cheaply. Hey, there is no way I'm cheap (not when we're talking money anyway!). So, the first step is to get hold of a prevailing wage report from the DOL which shows the salary that should be paid for any position. Get this.....for my job in this area they say I should be getting an extra $2k more than I am getting. OK, I have no problem getting more money. But let's think about this....I was getting this much money in Manhattan. Where am I now? Western NY. Cost of living here is....errr,'s a little lower than NYC. Cost of labor here is CHEAP!!!!! How the hell can they claim their wage report bears any relation to reality?????? There are virtually NO jobs paying that sort of money in this county.....believe me, I've applied for enough of them. They are on another planet. So, what's happening? Who the hell knows....somehow we have to work out if we can (1) lie to the INS (ooooops, didnt say that!) or (2) get more money out the company or (3) errr....there is no (3)......shit!

Oh yeah, and I have to get my passport renewed. It expires mid-2003 and the INS will only grant a visa up til 6 months before the expiry of the, I'd only get it granted til September this year. Screw that, I want the full 3 years...which means a new passport...... make it even better...I need to get this all sorted before I get a response to my application for a visitor's visa...which is due in the next 30 days.....please let it work out!!!! I don't want to have to leave the country....although my lawyer thinks I might get away with a little trip to Toronto to sort it all out....certainly would be cheaper, quicker and easier than the alternative...back to London......

So, no nothing is ever simple in my life!!!!!!

PS. Rob sent me this link. I think it says something that both he and Joe got lower scores than me. Men, huh? They think they know all there is to know about women but they're incapable of spotting fake boobs.....ha ha ha!!!!!


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