Wednesday, June 12, 2002

Ooooh.....look wot I've got.....stats on my blog...cooooool. And certainly more exciting than that runtime error.....hmmmmm.......

England play tomorrow morning at 2.30am...somehow I don't think I'll be watching that. Though, if the thunderstorm we've been promised does ever hit then maybe I'll be awake so....who knows? Been too lethargic to do much today.....humidity hell....and then Joe called this evening....restless, needed to get out! Funny, I was thinking the same thing but was determined I wasn't going to call him!!! Sherri thinks it's so cool that I have male friends.....I thought that was quite funny cos I've always had more male friends than female ones....or rather more close male friends. For some reason I find them much easier to talk to. I guess it's cos they've never judged me on what I've done or do....some of them acutally seem to revel in my stories of depravity! Most of the females I know are shocked by the stuff I get up to so I've learnt not to tell them too much. There are a couple of exceptions (one of whom's probably reading this!!!)...but most American women, by which I mean most of the ones that I've met, seem quite up-tight about stuff. Though its hardly surprising when you consider that there's NO nudity on TV.....a tiny hint of human flesh and the censored box pops up. This is a country that prides itself on free speech and the right to bear arms but yet you can't see a naked woman (or man for that matter) on television.....where's the logic in that? I just watched a BBC America program, totally forgotten what it's called, about 20-somethings starting off as lawyers. In England it had to be shown after 9pm cos of the swearing. Here, they show it in the middle of the afternoon but everytime someone swears it's bleeped out.....infuriating as hell. And I remember, couple of years ago, there was an art exhibit in Manhattan....a load of naked bodies on one of the bridges. Can't remember what it was meant to represent but I do remember it made the news....but, of course, they couldn't actually show it....too much flesh!!!!!!! I remember telling my mother about it....had a good laugh over that one.

Tis a very confused country........


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