Wednesday, June 05, 2002

Venus, the planet of Love, is the ruler of Libra. The lush green planet's movement out of your career sector in mid-June will mean a boost in your popularity. Will it be any wonder, then, that your more hedonistic tendencies might get the better of you this summer, as Venus sends the numerous possibilities for dating and passion swarming around you? July will be (how to put this?) busy and confused. But after August 8th, you can count on a cosmic coincidence to bring your Soulmate search to a happy conclusion.

And on the virus front...he's clean again! Apparently the PC is running much better as well. Oh, I wonder why?! Anyway, says he owes me for this....hmmmm what shall I ask for............

12.30: I decided to leave Sherri's place and head back to the other place. It's Wednesday so it's unemployment check day. I figure if I time it right I can collect the check, get to the bank, pick up a few things, put some juice in the car and head back before the cable guy turns up at 3 to sort me out. All goes well....I park in the driveway, just getting out the car when someone from across the street runs over to me. Is that a WRX, he asks. No, it's an RS, the model down. WRX wasn't out at the time I bought this. I'm thinking about getting a WRX, mind if I look it over? No problem. Can I see the engine? Sure...take a look....ooops, maybe I'd better put the handbrake on before I run you over (I should have known then that things were going to get worse!!!!) Nice car. Yeah, I like it. Where you from? London. Nice accent! Thank you...starting to get annoyed now.....checking out the car was OK. Checking out me...that's a no no. Hey, I'm a man...he actually said that.....that in itself is scary!!! So, you live here alone? Yes. (Thinking: leave me alone, I'm not interested). Not got your boyfriend living with you? I live on my own. (Thinking: none of your f***ing business). OK, well thanks for letting me see the car...maybe I can come back and see you when I get mine? Yeah, s'pose so. (Thinking: yeah, come back, I'll have moved by then!)

Got rid of him, go inside, sort out the stuff I need, get my check (yippee). Just picking up everything so I can leave and the doorbell rings. No prizes for guessing who it is. So I'm standing outside trying to be very polite but telling him I'm really not interested and I need to go now cos I'm in a hurry. Come back inside and the inside door to my apartment is shut. Try to open it. ****, it's locked. How the hell did I manage that? So, I'm now outside a locked apartment with no keys, the car has my bag in it and it's locked, I don't have a cellphone and all I can think about is the fact that Adelphia's coming to sort my powerlink out at 3pm. I have no way in and I don't want to go out cos that guy's still hanging around. Ran upstairs to see if, by any chance, there are some keys in there. No, well it was a long shot! Run round the back of the apartment...side door locked. Back window shut. POOH! OK, don't panic. Just as I'm about to go across the road to ask Felix if I can borrow his phone...he pulls out the driveway. No car next door and it's a bit early for him to be back but maybe.......? Yes, yipppeee. Once he stops laughing, I borrow his phone to call Mel. Hey, remember you said it was impossible to lock myself out? Well...errr....I locked myself out! Sure, she has the keys, she'll be right over.

Go back, sit on the porch. Now it's raining on me and I'm stuck outside.....And he's still across the street shouting at I lonely? Can he come over? No, I'm not and no, you can't. UPS man turns up....oh cool, maybe it's something interesting? Nope, not for me. Man opposite drives off shouting something about missing an opportunity of a lifetime. Yeah? I think I'll survive...and with a car like that he reckons he can afford a WRX? Hmmmmmm......think not.

1.15pm ish: Mel appears in her truck laughing at me. Has a huge bundle of keys. Tries them all. None of them fit the inside door. Never fear, she has one for the side door. Cool. Have you got one for the kitchen door? Why? Cos it's shut and I can't open it from this side....I never had a key so if I go in that way, I have to remember not to lock it. Tries all her keys. She hasn't got one. Oh dear. We still can't get in. Got your cellphone with you? No, she didn't think to bring it. OK....plan of action, stop off for gas, get some ciggies so we can calm down, return to her place, find out where the key might be, come back and try again!

1.45ish: Back at her place we find a drawer full of keys but NONE of them are for my apartment.....they should be hanging by the front door. Yippeee, we got them!!! Grab the keys, head back to me. 5th key we tried worked...we're in!!!!!! Woohoooo........It's now 2.15 and I have to run round like crazy to do everything and get back here for the cable guy....but I made it!!!!!

So, there you have, a typical Wednesday and now I'm left wondering why the cutest man I've seen for a while turns up while I'm sat outside a locked apartment with no hope of being able to invite him in for anything and why the man who gets to spend the afternoon in my bedroom (Adelphia man) is as ugly as sh*t???? Answers on a postcard please.........

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