Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Where to start??? Ah yes, the ongoing saga of the PC and the virus...remember that? Joe's son bought him a copy of McAfee for father's day...how sweet! So, he wanted to install it. What do I do? Well, it's not really that hard! Will you come and hold my hand so I don't f*** it up? Of course, I will! But you'd better feed me cos it's late and I'm not cooking if I come over. Of course. Fab, be there in 30 mins. Stuck in the CD, installed, all wonderful. Simple, huh? Oh no, because now we need to check for updates. He's on dial-up - remember that....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh. I am not joking - it took the best part of 2 hours to download all that extra crap we needed to get his virus files up to date. Wot is it with software companies? I know they can't update their hard copies every five minutes but surely they can come up with a better way of updating stuff. We had to download dat file after dat file to get to the most recent one! Why don't they issue a major update once in a while so new subscribers don't have such a shitty experience? And why won't he get cable or DSL???? Cos it's too expensive!! Yeah, right...actually shouldn't complain about that one.....he gave me money and I'm a much more deserving cause. So we downloaded the whole thing, got an error code, rebooted the machine, seemed OK but I left in disgust with the whole experience (not the food and drink part, the PC-related stuff!).

Oh yeah, side note about being on dial-up....it's actually quite good cos Sandy (his ex) was trying to phone him all Saturday afternoon but she couldn't get through cos he was online...heee heee....don't bother me...I just IM him....ha ha!!!!! She's very strange...thought she was quite nice, she is really....but she acts sometimes like she still goes out with him....which I don't think he appreciates though he's too nice to tell her to leave him alone. Funny!!!!

Today.....interview day again with the man with the bad back! Disastrous start to the day...my lovely blue suit has a tiny hole, which isn't really noticeable but I knew it was there.....too hot to wear anything else so decided to just go with it and hope he didn't look too closely. Set out early so I would arrive "fresh and lively"(!). Some twat in a white car decides that he would rather drive in my lane and pulls straight across into me...well, not quite into me....luckily I was paying attention and managed to swerve out of his way but he came too close for comfort. He then carried on, completely oblivious to my hooting and torrent of abuse....and pulled straight out into the other lane. Was quite hoping he'd wrap himself round the lampost but unfortunately he seemed incapable of doing harm to himself....sssssss.....

Interview was uneventful apart from a moment of complete hilarity (which I couldn't enjoy until later)....D'you mind if my father joins us? (Sniggering silently to myself)...Of course I don't mind. Let's put this in perspective...his father set up the company and is semi-retired. So it wasn't such a strange question.....but it did amuse me. All went very nicely. Bought me lunch. Asked me if I had any questions. Well, just one....are you going to give me a job? Yes! Fantastic!!!!!!! Happy, happy, happy!!!! Yes, I did actually ask him and he did say yes. I love it when that happens. And he even sent me the offer letter this afternoon - wooohoooo. Salary same as I was on. Got more vacation than I had. And he's talking about growing this into a role managing sales/marketing for the whole company on a revenue share basis....more business ownership type of stuff. Cool. This is so much better than I thought I'd get after all this time. Was definitely worth the wait. :-)

There endeth my day....tonight I shall sleep well.......


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