Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Birthday cake with purple icing....cooooooooooooooooooooool!!!!! So, that's my lunch sorted. Have to start eating properly again...dinner last night, fozen yoghurt. Raspberry Truffle. Very nice! Went to Lewiston for Blue Monday again....Win, Lose or Draw (the band that didn't play at the Dock!). One of the best bands I've seen so far. We danced the last dance and some woman came up to tell how good we were. Joe was very pleased!!!! And then he made me wander round the bar that the band was going to play in...just to check out if there was anywhere to dance or not. Wot's more embarrasing than dancing in front of a load of people? Walking into a bar, round a bar, and out a bar without ordering a drink!!!!!!!!!!

His son is getting married in October and there's a pre-family get-together on Friday. His ex is going to be there. I think he's a bit worried about it. Says he's not seen her for two years and last time she completely blanked him. She was the one that wanted the divorce and he seems quite happy about it all...it was 10 years ago. But he can't understand why they can't be civilised about it all now. After all, they have a couple of children so they're bound to see each other sometimes....weddings, funerals, etc. Anyway, he has apparently decided that he's going to try and talk to her and see what reaction he gets. At least he's calmed down about it. Last week he seemed really down.....Thursday night he just kept going on about it. Must have sunk in now - he's had time to rationalize it all......

Word of the day: knackered...that's how I feel. Brit-phrase I guess.....Rob had no idea what I was on about. Neither did Joe. Hmmm.....

Fetish of the day: hot wax.....long story, some other time....perhaps!!!!


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