Sunday, July 21, 2002


Yey, got a gold!!! Well, we were the only ones that did West Coast and we'd decided that the judge probably wouldnt know anything about WCS so we'd either do really badly or really well. We threw them completely.....apparently they were trying to work out who was the student and who was the teacher...BIG compliment!!!! Paul, who choreographed it, said that he would have given us a Gold with Honors and if we didn't get one, it was only cos the judge didn't know what he was doing! Which is a huge compliment from him cos he never says anyone is any good. So, all in all, a pretty good day. Have to hear what he says when he hears the actual result. Got a video of it all...well, not quite all, cos they cut off the start. Lata was getting a pro to record it all so I'm hoping that video does have the whole thing on it...if not, I'm not paying for it! The Amherst studio did pretty well overall - lots of golds, 3 top students. Bill was happy...and very drunk as a result....funny!!!!!! Now gotta rest cos my back is killing me - pains down my leg and my foot is tingling. I know it's not good but I have an appointment tomorrow to get sorted out......24 hours to go.....can't wait.........


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