Monday, July 22, 2002

Just been to the chiropractor. That was an experience! One that I'm not sure I want to repeat too often, which is a problem cos I'm going back on Wednesday. It was mostly ok but I feel ever so woozy now. First he hit me with his little hammer to find out where the pain was coming from....sciatic nerve, as suspected. Then he made me bend all over the he could tell me that my left side wasn't moving properly. Well, I knew that really cos I'm in total pain. Not a big surprise but nice that he noticed it!!!! Next, this bit I liked....heat pads for a few minutes, then heat pads with this electronic stimulation thingy that felt like it was massaging my back. Mmmmmmmmmmm....fabulous. But to spoil the fun, he had to follow that little treat with pulling back around. I did hear a crack. Booohooo. Didn't really hurt but I felt the sweat starting. Next he prodded my neck and found the bit that always hurts like mad. I carry all my stress in my neck and my lower some strange coincidence on the left hand side of both. Not related at all but interesting. So I had a nice little neck message and then some more cracking. :-(

Got the lecture on how to get in/out of bed and how to sit, walk, bend, etc. I know all of that and I'm pretty good with it usually. We discussed anti-inflammatories and, cos of my damn ulcer, I can't take any, so that means I have to do heat and ice about 3 times each day. OK, when's that gonna happen then? Can probably fit in one before I go to work and then have to try and do two in the evening....but we're talking an extra 45 minutes a day......hmmmmmm......well, at least he didnt tell me not to dance...that would have upset me.

Now I have to lie down....feel like I'm gonna pass out......


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