Thursday, July 18, 2002

Toooooooooooooooooooooo hot again. Leg aches and back hurts. Got a number for a chiropractor....just not managed to pick up the phone yet! Not going to have time to see him tomorrow - off to Rochester for the showcase. Wot a nightmare that's turning out to be. Renee reserved a load of rooms at various hotels and then we had to have a big discussion as to where we should stay. She wants to be as near to the place as possible and we're debating over hotels that are a mile apart. How much difference does a mile make? A lot, apparently. She's driving up tomorrow afternoon and suggested maybe I go with, no thanks. Apart from the fact she drives me mad, she's going with Rose....who irritates me beyond belief. Staying in the same town as them as bad enough - spending an hour in a car, oh no, not doing that. So, have finally decided what I'm doing - which is going, on my own, straight from work. Which will be good cos the car needs a long drive, I need some time on my own to wind down and the journey will actually be quicker than going from home....straight on the 90 and away I go!

Meantime, Sherri left a long voicemail to say the house is going back on the market and someone might be coming to see it on Monday. Good, I won't be here! She's staying up there for another week and then off to Maine so no idea when she'll get back....probably the weekend I disappear to NJ! And how about this for being at the opposite end of the spectrum in terms of organising. The AM showcase changed dates and location. We were left on our own to book hotels - not really a biggie but some suggestions might have been nice! Had no idea until yesterday as to what the schedule was for the day or when I was doing my stuff. AND it appears that Bill screwed up on the levels that we're meant to be performing in. Actually when we asked him he said it didn't we did our routine on the basis that it was cute and entertaining. Now it appears that we should be following the syllabus and dancing at our "defined" level.....yeah right! The only good thing is that we think we're the only ones doing West Coast Swing and it is highly unlikely that the judge will have any idea of the we should be ok. Well, it's not like it's brain surgery so we're just gonna have fun and he can say what he wants....

Now, the FA different. Not only are they completely organised with little forms telling us what dances/levels we're performing in but we've got sheets showing us what happens when. They've booked the hotel rooms for us and are arranging flights/ground transportation. And Yelena's even organising post event entertainment, if we want it, for the Friday night! We were asked to take our outfits in so they could look at them and advise us on any alterations we need (the 4" above the ankle thing). Yelena's digging out jewellery and glittery stuff if we need it.....they're making it totally idiot-proof for us!!!! WOW!

So I was there tonight, practising all my dances...hence the soreness. Not going badly....though the hustle could be entertaining. Told Chris that, if the worst comes to the worst, he should just spin me 6 times - that'll waste time and it looks pretty impressive!!!! Ed and Theresa were there.....that's surprising. He only does West Coast so she's obviously had some effect on him if he actually makes it inside a ballroom studio....doubt he'll stick with it, but u never know......

What else....oh yeah, the interviews for sales people. Nightmare. If I have to listen to another person telling me he's married, divorced, has one, two or three children, I shall scream! I don't care. It's not relevant. Maybe you'd prefer to send your wife in - if she can cope with you she can probably sell a few PCs for me???? And please dont turn up LATE for an interview. Or leave your cellphone on during the interview. I won't hire you!! In fact, I should probably have just cancelled the interview there and then. Got another one tomorrow with someone that I've already decided I don't like. Shall see if I can manage to complete it in under 10 minutes (my record so far). AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!

Ok, gotta go finish packing......


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